What Would Who? Do?™
Rules and Clarifications

A Blood and Cardstock Game
by Joan Wendland
© 2012

Shuffle the Who? Deck (large cards) and the Duh deck (small cards) separately and place the decks in the center of the table. Place your 20 sided die on the table in front of you with the 1 showing. The d20 will only be used to keep track of your score place it with the 1 face up. The d6 will be used for voting.

Choose the first active player randomly. The active player flips over the top card of the Who? Deck and reads the introductory line to himself. The active player then chooses a person to insert into the blank in the introductory line, and reads that line out loud. The person inserted into this line is called The Who.

The Who may be:

  • Living or dead
  • Real or fictional
  • Famous to the general public or simply known by all the players


Once the line is read out loud any of the non-active players that don’t know who The Who is should say “Who?”. The active player is then allowed one sentence only to explain to the players who The Who is. For example: “You know, the lead singer in Aerosmith.” The active player is only allowed that one sentence, and there should be no table talk from any other players at this time. If this sentence proves sufficient to make all the non-active players understand who The Who is, proceed to voting.

If there is still a non-active player who doesn’t know who The Who is, the active player flips the top card of the Duh deck and uses the person listed on the card – reading both the name and the brief description below it. If the person listed on the top card of the Duh deck has already been used, then flip over the next card until a new person is revealed. You may not use the same Who twice in one game. The Duh card is used even if a non-active player doesn’t know who it is. If the active player takes too much time picking a Who the other players can demand the top card of the Duh deck. WW?D is meant to be a fast paced party game.

Once you have the introductory line complete with a satisfactory Who everyone hides their d6 behind their hands and places it showing the number of the response they believe appropriate to the introductory line. For example:

What would Bill Cosby do if an asteroid were spotted on a collision course with Earth?

  1. Huddle together with family.
  2. Launch a nuke at it.
  3. Hole up in the basement with guns and gold.
  4. Drink the bar dry.
  5. Get Bruce Willis on the phone.
  6. Refuse to believe the news reports.

If you are the active player, place your die showing the number of the response you think Bill Cosby would have in this situation. If you are a non-active player place the die showing what you think the active player’s die shows. When you’ve finished voting use your hand that isn’t hiding the die to give a thumbs up. When everyone has voted reveal your choices and score.

There are 3 possible outcomes:

  1. No one matches the active player.
  2. Everyone matches the active player.
  3. Some players match the active player.


They are scored thusly:

No matches – no one gets any points.

All matches – everyone EXCEPT the active player gets 2 points. Hey, you made it too easy.

Some matches – everyone that matched the active player gets 2 points. The active player gets 1 point for every player matching him.

Rotate your d20 to show the appropriate score, then the next player on the left becomes the active player. Repeat as necessary until someone reaches 20 or more on their die.

In the event of a tie:

  • If the active player went over 20 the active player wins even if other players reach 20 at the same time.
  • If the active player does not reach 20, but a non-active player does reach 20 that player wins.
  • If more than one non-active player reaches 20, then the active player reads one more introductory line out loud with a new Who, but does not read the 6 set answers on the card.
    • The tied players write what they think the best answer would be for that Who on a piece of paper, then submit the papers face down. They are read out loud by the active player
    • Everyone votes on those responses. If there is a winner of that vote the player who submitted the winning answer is the winner.
    • If there is a tie on that vote then there is more than one winner.


This game is dedicated to the memory of Hal Haag. We miss you buddy.

Copyright: © Joan Wendland 2012

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