What Would Who Do?


What Would Who Do? is a fast and fun party game for 5-10 players. Our limited edition signed and numbered run of 100 is printed on cardstock and hand cut by the designer. The game comes in an envelope and required one D6 and one D20 per player – not included.

WW?D? Consists of question cards which look something like this:

What would _______ do if an asteroid were spotted on a collision course with Earth?

  1. Huddle together with family.
  2. Launch a nuke at it.
  3. Hole up in the basement with guns and gold.
  4. Drink the bar dry.
  5. Get Bruce Willis on the phone.
  6. Refuse to believe the news reports.


The active player picks a person living, dead, real or fictional and the other players secretly vote on which option the active player secretly picked as the right answer. It’s fun, quick, and as quirky as your choices make it. Tons of fun at a party or waiting for your full gaming group to show. Pick one up today!

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