Evil Vendetta Pie Fight™

Evil Vendetta Pie Fight is a quick free for all game. In EVPF you’re all evil magic-wielding nightmares from the human psyche and you hate each other’s guts. Your union won’t let you actually hurt each other, so the only way to settle this like, well not like men, is to have an…Evil Vendetta Pie Fight.

Players each take a unique monster character (Witch, Mummy, Werepoodle, Vampire, etc.) and commence to throw magic pies and spells at eat other. If one of their six body regions is struck by a pie then it is immobilized and can not be used. There are spells to deflect pies, clear pies off body parts, and bend the rules. Last thing standing wins.

In general, when a player begins to carry more pie than others, players will gang up on him/her to eliminate them from the game. In addition, as play progresses more and more of the defensive cards leave the game thus ensuring acceleration of pie hits and a certain and quick end to the game.

Evil Vendetta Pie Fight is currently available in a Flagpole edition. What does that mean? Glad you asked. It means the game is made out of cardstock that I have printed out on my little HP Officejet and chopped up on a paper cutter by my very own hand. It comes in a plain white cardboard box BUT every game is numbered and autographed. There will only be 100 copies of the Flagpole edition. If they sell well we hope to have a production version out soon.

The flagpole comes with:

  • 64 pie cards and 32 spell cards for a total of 96 cards
  • 36 cards to construct your being’s bodies from.
  • 1 normal six-sided die
  • 42 bingo tokens which are used to target pies and spells

You can play it right out of the box. Come on, you KNOW you want to throw pies at your friends…

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