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Joan decided to start a new artistic movement called Chadism. It is the art of deliberately overblown poetry. Joan and 4 other “poets” created some truly wretched poetry in the last year and put them together with some silly photographs and made a Chadism calendar to entertain themselves and their friends throughout the year.

And now – they're asking you to join them. Sign up now to have your very own Chad number (the originals are Chads 1-5) and submit your bad bad poetry for next year's calendar! If we select one of your chadisms for the calendar we'll send you a free copy. Towards the end of the year we'll have a mechanism set up for you to pre-order 2013 Chadism calendars. Think of them as Despair calendars for the artistically inclined!

What would that look like? Glad you asked – here's 2012's February…

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